Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This was my first year EVER of doing Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It was also my first time ever roasting a turkey. Ever. Did I mention EVER?

I was freaked and kept thinking I would ruin it and my family and friends would have to eat bologna on the special day. I implored my mother to by a "backup turkey" but she said she had "faith" in me. I was SICK. 

So, I did what any normal professional computer loving geek would do.  I Googled it. I ended up using a combined version of the brining and roasting instructions of Alton Brown and Martha Stewart. I boiled the brine ingredients and soaked the bird overnight and I decided to brown the turkey first instead of waiting until the end of the roasting schedule. 

I had my plans and I felt prepared. The brining went great and then it was time to get the bird in the oven. Great, I'll just tie the bird up with this big of twine that comes with every succulent ButterBall right? Wrong, there was a tiny piece of rope maybe 2 inches long on the packet with the bird. Now what? Well, don't laugh but I used minty fresh tooth floss. :-)  It worked great!

The bird came out moist and lovely. There were a lot of compliments but the most shocking was from my brother,the person who never eats white meat.  He had a helping and then seconds and then thirds!

I tried to make my living room inviting with a Thanksgiving-ey tablescape. Eat your heart out Martha.


Kelley said...

Very Nice! great job! I loved Thanksgiving when we lived in Germany, we would have our German friends over and I did everything and they were so amazed, they don't prepare things the same so it was always interesting. They loved deviled eggs and were amazed that we could buy a whole turkey, their ovens aren't that big. I felt so grown-up! Now I feel like "yea, I get to make another dinner on Thursday and more desserts too" haha